In Chapter One of A Sense of Home, neighbors Qudsia Ashan and Maureen Michaelson meet for the very first time and learn that they share some amazing connections and coincidences in their life journeys. Listen to the podcast below to learn more about Qudsia's flight as a refugee from Afghanistan to the United States, and how her path has taken her from Kabul, to UCLA valedictorian, to the Columbia River Gorge. You can also download each episode of this incredible story via SoundCloud and please share with your own friends and neighbors across the greater Portland area.

Storyteller Qudsia Ashan

Featuring Maureen Michaelson and Manuel Padilla

Program Director Jason Jones

Animations Laura Medina

Executive Director Manuel Padilla

Music Cues

Broke For Free - As Colorful As Ever

loscil - cotom

loscil - biced

loscil - The Making of Grief Point (instrumental)

loscil - Endless Falls

Blue Dot Sessions - Thread Caramb


Animator Laura Camila Medina, Artist's Statement
Through different mediums such as animation, printmaking, and painting my practice focuses on themes of memory, home, and cultural identity. My work emphasizes the questions arising from the experience living as an immigrant in the US and an outsider at home. Utilizing the method of memory palaces, I reconstruct spaces reflective of my cultural background through drawing, digital media, and sound installations. I utilize a unique combination of traditional mediums within digitally constructed spaces to create visual analogies of cultural hybridity. My art strives to express the complexities of immigrant experiences within the context of our current political and social situation.

Laura Camila Medina is an interdisciplinary artist born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Orlando, Florida. She bases her practice around uprooting and migration as a response to personal, cultural, and historical research. Medina is constantly inspired by her memories of home, her mother’s arepas, and her father’s soundtracks.

Medina's work has shown at the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture, Blackfish Gallery, PLANETA New York, and through the Nat Turner Project. She earned her BFA at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and is currently based in Portland, OR.

Contact Laura for art and commissions at lmedina@pnca.edu